Doing repairs with findings

Hi all,

AJM Magazine has asked me to do an article on repair work involving
manufacturered findings. I know many of you do extensive amounts of
repair work, so I’m hoping you can help me focus in on some tough
repairs, and how you accomplish them.

My questions aRe:

What’s the toughest repair, using a manufactured finding, that
you’ve undertaken?

How did you accomplish the repair?

What types of findings do you find most challenging to work with?

Do you have any tips for simplifying repair work with these

Are there any types of findings that give you a sinking feeling when
you realize you need to use one for a particular project? Is there
anything you think could be done to improve that product?

If you’d like to respond to me directly, please e-mail me at
@Suzanne_Wade1 or give me a call at (508) 339-7366.

I thank you all for your time and attention, and for the wonderful
sharing that goes on at Orchid. I look forward to your responses.


Suzanne Wade
Phone: (508) 339-7366
Fax: (928) 563-8255