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Doggy bone charm

Hello, everybody,

I’ve gotten a job where I have to solder three doggy bone charms
together to make a single doggy bone charm that is thick enough to
set stones therein. I am to spell out the dog’s intitials in smaller
stones (no prob) and then set tanzanites in the rounded parts of the
doggy bone charm. Any suggestions on how to set the tanzanites? My
concern with trying to bead set tanzanites is getting silver to
behave and raise a bead without requiring brute force that might
snap the tanzanite. If I solder prongs for the tanzes, then what
would be the most efficient way to do so? Have also thought about
making slender bezels and then sinking them into the doggy bone, but
this isn’t a project I’m getting a lot of pay for, and that would
involve fairly extensive labor, I think. I’m open to ideas!