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Does it matter where a stone comes From?

All, Yes it does where stones come from and it is becoming more
apparent that many consumers want to know where the stone was mined.
This applies to diamonds, colored stones, and cabochons. There are
two groups of people on each side of this debate. Each have their
own agendas. My side says that knowing the mining location and all
the steps involved in the history of the stone and the jewelry it is
in constitutes a pedigree for the stone and jewelry piece. A
pedigree will significantly enhance the value of the piece.
Arguments on the other side say why bother? The goal is to sell the
piece. Why waste the time establishing a pedigree when in the same
amount of time I can sell several pieces without a pedigree and make
more profit. Pedigrees also make me liable. Why bother? Currently
the market is going more to pedigreed pieces. Branding is the trend
and if successful the mass of shotgunned stones and jewelry may
finally not find a market.

Gerry Galarneau