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Does anyone here make gemstone boxes?

Does anyone on Orchid make stone boxes similar to the ones shown on
the Lapidary Journal website at

One of my dogs passed away recently, and I’d like to keep some of her
ashes in a small stone box. I have other stone boxes that contain the
ashes of our previous pets. I purchased those boxes from an imported
goods vendor at a GLW show in Detroit several years ago. But they no
longer import the boxes, so I need to find another source. The size
box I need is 1 7/8" x 1 5/8" x 1" to match the ones I already have.

I’d like it to be made of ‘tigeriron’, that lovely mixture of
hematite, tigereye and jasper. There may be some tigeriron chunks in
the rough stones left at my late fathers house in his lapidary stuff,
but I’m not certain. It has become difficult to access my dad’s
workshop lately because there is a great-grandchild living in the
same room with the equipment now (which is why I’m not cutting the
slabs there myself–I can’t run the slab saw because the dirty
aerosolized saw oil would ruin her belongings…).

If someone has tigeriron slabs that have very little jasper in the
mix, so much the better. (Is there a stone that is just a mixture
of hematite and tigereye with nothing else in it?) Even if someone
could cut the slabs to size and rough shape for me, that would be
great. I could polish them and assemble the box myself.

Can anyone out here either point me to a source where I can find
such a box already made, or provide and cut some stones for me?

Kathy Johnson
Feathered Gems Jewelry