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Documenting your work with photos


Re documenting your work with photos. Yes, it is a pain to get any,
much less good quality ones. For my own inventory, for years I have
used the flat bed scanner on my HP printer/ copy machine. Lay jewelry
on glass, (face down…sometimes I forget) &, drape a white t- shirt,
folded smooth over the jewelry and do color copys. They turn out
amazingly well. I can write prices or inventory numbers on the copy
afterward and pop them in a 3 ring binder. I find this acurate enough
to go back and measure lengths or gauges of wire as I am bad about
documenting how I made that last great piece, and when they are
gone… Printers are so cheap now, I can’t live with out one.

April Bower


It should not be difficult at all to document the condition of a
piece for inventory or at repair take-in. That includes not just the
entire piece, but such things as a broken prong, cracked shank,
porosity, chipped stone or even a grade-seting inclusion.

One simple click and you have an excellent 1280 x 1024 pixel image.

Wayne Emery