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Do you recommend Argentium?


This was good advice, particularly the last part, for a newbie.


Hi ,
I’m a beginner jeweller and love using sterling silver (925). I’ve discovered it is consistent.
After watching some videos on argentium I bought some through Cookson Gold in the UK.
The fusing was interesting and I had some beginners luck especially with rings made from square wire. One thing that has surprised me as a beginner is there are no warnings about
taking care while soldering. Yes the slumping and cracking is a steep learning curve but the scariest thing is the explosive nature of very hot argentium if you even touch it while its in a third hand. This has happened a few times to me . One was trying to solder a component to a ring- it must have been under slight pressure. Also it’s heart breaking after spending time shaping and cutting etc for the piece to crack because you didn’t let it cool long enough before moving.


Try Continuum Silver. It’s the closest thing to a perfect silver alloy that I have ever found. The only thing Argentium has going for it is it’s resistance to tarnish.
Have fun and make lots of jewelry.
Jo Haemer


thanks will look it up . Loved looking at your exquisite pieces thanks