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Do you have tools/showcases/equipment to unload for cash in your store?

Do you have any non inventory items (Showcases/safes/tools/laser welders/gem equipment) you’d like to unload in your store and get some cash?

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First off hoping you had a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family. Also here’s a toast to having a great Christmas season. The stock market is Up and I’m betting you will have a great season.

A slower time for me, good time for you.

Every few months I gather jewelers information of stuff they want to unload, compile it into a file to email out to my customer list and along with a total of 10,000 jewelers who will see it. There’s no cost if it doesn’t sell, just and a 5% commission if it does.

So I’m asking if you have anything you want to unload. If you do this is what I need for you to email to me.

Send to me at

  • Your complete contact info. That’s your name/store name/address/city/state/zip, email address, store phone number/cell if you like. too many people send an email signed “Bob” and no one can contact you that way.
  • Pictures of the items. Not too large. Not too many of the same item and if you have a safe, no need to send pictures of all 4 sides!.
  • Description of the items
  • asking price
  • Condition of items.

Send all of that and I’ll take it from there. I’ll send it out during December (I know, I know) then again in January.

I know it’s the “season” but its not busy until the 10th. I’ll give everyone another chance in January to add to the list

Happy Holidays

David Geller

Here’s hoping!!