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Do you blog on your work?

Do you blog on your work? Will you post a link so I can read it. I
love learning from seasoned artisans/ metalsmiths. Please share.
Unless their is a place on Ganoksin that they are listed. I know
Ganoskin hosts some blogs. I do read those and truly enjoy the
variety of shared info on them.

Angela Hampton

Yes, I do blog about my own work but not all the time. I write about
many things - free jewelry making tutorials, unusual jewelry, unusual
materials used for jewelry making, feature designers, historical
bejeweled biographies, ethnic jewelry, student pieces (I teach
beginner beading) etc. Jewelry is an immensely rich (if you will
pardon the pun) subject!

I enjoy blogging very much. For me writing has become another
creative outlet…and another addiction!

The Beading Gem’s Journal

Not sure how well-seasoned I am. I blog about medieval jewellery
techniques. I’m mostly looking at archaic bullion products at the
minute. There’s also some good stuff on my links list.

Primitive Method

I just started a blog (very low key) and a flicker account. I sell
on etsy but I am always having to send pictures for commissions and
often don’t post my newer items there if I’m doing a show so these
will hopefully help save some time and let my customers know what I’m
up to.



Yes, I do blog about my work. I figure the more I publish of it, the
more beads I sell. It’s a way of giving people ideas of what they can
do with my jewelry supplies. If my only source of income were my
finished jewelry (I’m not that good) I would still blog about it. I
figure the wider the audience, the better the sales. Why do you think
they can charge so much for ads on TV at Superbowl time? It’s

I spoke with a jewelry artist once who said he would never put his
work out on the Internet for fear of people copying it. While that is
always a risk when people see some design they like, my feeling is it
is both a compliment and a comparison point for workmanship. People
sometimes take photos of my work, so they can copy it. While that is
pretty blatant, I feel no resentment about it. I take it as a
compliment. I compare it to cooking. When first learning how to cook,
people need recipes. When they have made the dish, they often will
then modify it when they re-create it and it then becomes their own.
My guess is that very few people who attempt to copy my work actually
do an exact copy, their workmanship will certainly be different, and
their materials may vary also. Just as the same recipe cooked by
various cooks will vary for each one.

Frankly, I’m not very fond of writing, but I do try to do a good
job. I think it does help me to stay connected in a small way with my
customers. There is a lot to be said about connectedness when it
comes to making money. People are much more likely to buy from
someone they feel they know. I develop a feeling of familiarity with
people whose blogs I read, even though I’ve never met them or
conversed with them. I’m hoping my blogging does the same for others.
One other reason I blog is I like to share what I learn as I go
through life. If it helps somebody else, even in a very small way,
I’m glad.

Sun Country Gems LLC