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DIY Kiln Controller

I thought some of you might be interested in the kiln controller I
put together based on an Arduino.

Pictures and the code can be seen at:

The total cost is under $100 and lets me program my casting
basically any way I like. The Arduino (a microcontroller or REALLY
wimpy computer) gets the temperature from a thermocouple and turns
the kiln on or off according to the program via a solid state relay.
Most everything is running on 5v, only the hot side of the relay is
at mains current.

Usual disclaimer, if you burn your house down, your neighbours house
or electrocute your cat, don’t call me.

Very cool…

I have been looking to do the same.


Very interesting Pat, very clever. I would be nice to have even a
hand drawn schematic for us old engineers to follow. Also wondering
about the rating of the SSRelay" I’ll have to read up on how to input
the code into the Arduino. Last time I played with an SBC it was in
the old KIM 1 days.


Bob. The arduino is a phenomenal mini computer. Not do much in its
power. (though, it is many times more powerful than my apple ][ +).
It’s main thing is its ease. Both electrically and programmatically.

Christopher Lund.

Thanks for your comments Bob

I had to look up a KIM1 (before my time), I hope you still have it,
one sold on ebay for $1500!

I updated the post to include the details about the SSR, I hadn’t
thought of that.

Mine is rated to 480V and 25A. The kiln is 110V & 12.7A. From memory
there the price was relatively insensitive to the A & the V was just
what they were.

I will put together a circuit diagram and send it through, I
shouldn’t be so lazy :slight_smile:

Inputiung the code into the arduino is easy, download the arduino
program, install it on your pc, download the kiln ‘sketch’, plug the
arduino in via usb & hit the button that says upload. Edit the code
because you can’t resist and repeat. Simpler than it used to be.