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Disposing Oxalic acid

            Since you stated that Oxylic acid is dangerous, what
would be the best way to dispose of it if I do decide to use it. 

G’day Karen; Oxalic acid is of course poisonous; but I don’t think I
used the word dangerous. It doesn’t rate as a bad polluter because
a huge number of common plants contain oxalic acid, such as the
common weed oxalis, the bane of all gardeners and even the leaves of
rhubarb contain it; any cookery book will tell you not to use the
leaves, but only the stalk, and so on.

But if you want to be really correct, then you should pour unwanted
solutions of oxalic acid over sawdust or ‘kitty litter’ spread on a
waterproof tray, allow it to dry, take it to a rubbish tip and
scatter it. Or even wrap it in newspaper and dump it as usual. –
Cheers for now,

PS: I have had this mail bounced; why I don’t know. this is the
second sending - and I KNOW I am virus free, so that shouldn’t be the
reason. – Cheers for now, John Burgess; @John_Burgess2 of Mapua
Nelson NZ