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Displaying necklaces

Hello folks, I have a problem. I am now making a lot of neckrings
and ‘torc’ type necklaces. I am having problems finding displays that
they look good on. I need something that can easily carried, since I
do art fairs. So far the best display for them has been one of the
hanging half torsos. I was thinking of using three of them, with
different tops covering them for display. Any other ideas? I love
making them and they are being fairly well received but they take up
so much display room. I have some pics of them on my Picasa page

Cairenn, the Howling Artist

I am now making a lot of neckrings and 'torc' type necklaces. 

I could not find your necklaces on the page posted, but I know what
you probably mean by “torc” anyway. I have made a lot of L-shaped
displays by cutting galvanized sheet metal to size with big shears,
bending it to a less than 90 degree angle in a brake borrowed from my
husband’s construction business, and covering it with felt padding,
then nice fabric, and some paper on the back. These are all applied
with spray adhesive on the edges and back side. If, before covering
them, you curve the front of the display to match the curve of your
collars (assuming they are arched to fit the neck), they should look
quite nice on them. They can be held on with U-shaped jewelry pins,
or you could rivet on some small knobs to drape things on. Or you
could pin on some covered buttons made to match. IMHO, it would
upgrade your display look to have your necklace displays all in the
same style and fabric. This can be achieved without much expense if
you make them yourself. And an L shaped display like this can be
stacked with others like it to make a small bundle for transport. I
have covered the backs of my craft fair displays with felt instead of
paper, so they are self-padding when stacked.

M’lou Brubaker
Minnesota, USA’louBrubaker

I had never thought about using metal. What a great idea! My
boothmate is ‘sure’ that we have to have dark, light and medium tone
displays. We have reduced the number of colors, at one time we had 3
different greys! I’m trying to design 2 different new set ups, for
me. I want to be able to travel more and our current set up, takes
too long to set up and tear down (4-5 hours for set up, a little
less for tear down) and it si too bulky (a jewelry booth shouldn’t
fill up a Windstar van!). My friend won’t change the way she does
things, even though they don’t work as well as they should. I also
hate change, but I know that I have to, if I’m going to make a living


Cairenn, if you can possibly get to a top notch show, such as an ACC
show, do so! Take note of what you like in the way of jewelry
displays. You’ll see some really nice ones!



I think, personally that you are right about not having so many
different colors in your displays. I personally found that too many
display colors distract from the jewelry. I began with 3 different
colors for necklace displays, and I now tend to use only 2, one as
the main color, and one for highlighting particular pieces and
providing contrast. I wish I had better display ideas for torques,
but I put most of my solid neck rings, which are similar, on low
leatherette display busts, such as these.