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Display jewelry re-polish

Dear Colleagues,

Any tips which can be used for dealing with jewellery on display
which is sent back to the factory for polishing? Presently the pieces
are buff polished.


Hello Umesh,

Dry polishing with a vibratory type tumbler and a crushed walnut
media workswell. The disadvantage is that the tiny bits of media
will get crammed intovoids, like behind stones and inside beads. The
solution? Run the jewelry in an empty tumbler. The tiny bits are
shaken loose.

Works for me. Sometimes the tag is undamaged, but they are easily
replaced in any case.

Judy in Kansas who is enjoying a lovely break in the usual July heat.

I usually use my ionic cleaner. The whole process (cleaning, rinsing
and drying) only takes a minute or so and doesn’t affect the tags I
use if they have to go into the cleaner.

All the best
Jennifer Gow