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Display frosted acrylic items

Hello, all! I have seen some frosted acrylic display fixtures for both
individual items and groups of rings, but can’t find a source in the
usual places (ie; Rio) Anyone know of a resource? Thanks in advance!

Susan Ronan

Hi Susan Ronan - i picked up a catalog at Tucson from Jule-Art, Inc at
1-800-833-8980, or that has lots of
frosted jewelry and other displays in it.

Have not purchased from them, but their wares looked good at the
show. Ivy in Oakland, where its Bloomin’ spring time already (and
allergies are really bloomin’ too)

susan - if you already have regular acrylic display pieces just go
over them with some 220 grit paper or even a fingernail ‘file’ foam
block (you know, one of those 4" long by 1" square foam things from
the drug store with emery paper on all sides?). it’s really the best
way to rejuvenate or keep those fixtures looking good -


In regard to cleaning acrylic items: There is a product that is used
for cleaning motorcycle helmets, face shields, windshields Etc.
called Brillianize Instant Detailer. It comes in two parts, a wet
applicator that cleans and a dry applicator that dries and polishes.
I tried it in some clear Lucite and it really did a nice job. The
only info I have is what is on the package–Brillianize Company,
Benicia CA 94510 or 1-800-445-9344 to find out who your nearest dealer is.
Hope this helps Sandra