Display Cases

Some excellent ideas and sources have come through on this thread.

Does anyone have a supplier for the rigid plastic clips that hold
pieces of plate glass together to make display props? The come in
several different configurations of rigid ‘arms’ and can create large
and sturdy display units. Not all that suitable for shows, but good
for semi-permanent setups.

Colleen in New Brunswick

Does anyone have a supplier for the rigid plastic clips that hold
pieces of plate glass together to make display props? Arizona Case has
metal connectors, chrome & brass colored, which are used to assemble
glass cube units. 800.528.0195 or 623.931.3691. Their fax is
623.931.3692 In the catalog they are called “glass display unit
connectors” and they come in 9 variations according to how you want to
set up the shelving. They also sell the glass.

John McLaughlin
Glendale, Arizona

Hello Colleen, I use these clips with plexiglass and got them from
the local glass shop that also cut my plexiglass. I believe thay had
to order them, but the clips are commonly known in that industry.
I’ve been pleased with mine and like the visibility provided by this
type of display. Good luck, Judy

About the rigid plastic clips to hold plate glass together- Try
Dan-Dee Display Fixtures in Niles Illinois. (800) 888-8515 This is a
company that sells store display fixtures. They have a catalog. They
are not jewelry display, however they do have some jewelry display
items. They also have the glass panels, in only a few sizes. Get
tempered glass-you will drop the case…more often than you think. Or
"helpful" unloaders will drop it for you.(Do not expect good service
from DannDee, though. For a company with a slick catalog, they made a
lot of mistakes on my orders. They still owe me a mirror.) I used
those clips for years. They will crack open if glass panels are
twisted, but they hold up to a fair amout of abuse. Order a few
extra.Once installed (use a rubber mallet), keep the case set up and
carry it around that way. Set the whole case inside an open cardboard
box to protect it in transport. You can even fill the case with stuff
while carrying it around-like your display props, paper towels, etc.
The clips are too hard to get off without breaking them, or chipping
your glass. Other store display dealers have them too.They are pretty
standard. It’s worth checking out the store display dealers in your
area.I remember a $ 75 minimum, or pay a $5 service charge deal.
Consider the metal clips instead-cost more,but worth it-they won’t
break. They also install with plastic pressure screws (or
set-screws). Much easier to take apart when you have to (I still
carry mine around assembled to save time) They also look nicer. The
plastic ones are not really clear- more milky. Try also Advance
Fixture Mart in Waukegan Illinois. I remember them being nicer.(800)
621-2500. ( I only used DanDee because my husband worked down the
street and could pick up the heavy stuff, saving on shipping. ) Good