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Discovery Channel Series - Synthetics

Hi everyone, Let me correct a misapprehension before it gets current:
no, I’m not the producer of the series, only the originator. It’s my
idea, my concept. I researched & wrote the proposal of thirteen
potential episodes.

My feeling was now that we’ve seen every killer whale five times on
TV and every crocodile on the face of the earth has been wrestled
into submission the broadcasters might be interested in exploring a
different sort of nature drama, the drama that surrounds inanimate,
underground, treasure. Being a somewhat passionate digger myself I
have an all too first hand familiarity with that basic, child-like
treasure-hunter instinct that lies behind gem digging.

Plus, as is reflected by some of the Orchid posts re diamonds and
tanzanite, anything which concentrates such extreme value into as
small a compass as a gemstone does is inevitably going to be
accompanied by smuggling, greed, intrigue, theft, often violence,
even murder. (In the 1970’s -80’s there were something like 800
murders connected with emerald mining in Colombia). All of which I
felt would make for compelling television programming. In time (five
years after my first writing of the proposal), the (Canadian)
Discovery Channel was persuaded to think likewise.

So that’s the background. Now a specific question to the wonderfully
helpful Orchid community. One of the episodes, tentatively entitled
"Science and Mens’ Lies" will deal with synthetic stones and the
science of gemology.

In that respect, I’ve been trying to contact the “Djeva” company,
large scale synthetic manufacturers in Switzerland. I have a feeling
that this company may no longer be in business. Does anyone in the
Orchid community know postively whether this is or is not the case?

Also, I’d be grateful for any about strange and exotic
applications for synthetic gem materials and the names and addresses
of the companies which manufacture them. Things like supermarket
scanner plates made of synthetic sapphire, watch bearings, sapphire
feeler-gauge tips for CNC machining, anything at all of that sort and
the more unusual the better.

Many thanks, and please email me privately <@H.Durstling> if
you prefer.

Hans Durstling
Moncton, New Brunswick