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Discolored gold

A friend made a pair of earrings in wax and had them cast in gold. They
turned out so well that she decided to have a mold made of one of them.The
mold came out fine, but the gold earring used for the mold was several
shades darker than it was originally, and did not match with its mate. She
tried polishing it, pickling it, …nothing worked. What is the reason
this happened, and what, if anything, can she do to restore it to its
original shade, which she prefers to the darker hue?

When you make a mold using any metal especially gold it oxidizes due to
the silver and copper in it. The mold rubber itself does a chemical change
when it’s heated and put under pressure. You will get prteey good results
by heating it slightly then dropping it into pickel. Then clean it up with
something like zam then roughe. The oxidation is caused by sulfer in the

Hope this helps!
It always works for me.
and I do LOTS of molds.
Mr. Matt :slight_smile: