Disability and safety

Hi all. I was wondering if anyone else was disabled out there and
working with torches and sharp tools. I was just diagnosed with a
disease much like Parkinson’s and have involuntary motor movements
as well as the shakes. I am hoping medications will help the shaking
but was wondering if any of you have experience working and how you
have adapted your bench or techniques for safety. Please feel free
to respond off list. Oh and never give up!! I sure don’t.


An American Cameo Artist

Hi, Teri,

I am sure what I have experienced is not the same as you must cope
with, but I had involuntary spasms for a couple of years, especially
in my left hand, arm, shoulder, plus very bad “benign essential
tremor”. Fortunately, I eventually figured out (as my doctors
apparently did not) that it was being caused by medication, which I
have managed to get off. But meanwhile, I got very good at bracing
my hands against each other and solid surfaces to do everything. I
put bricks or other solid objects beside my work so I would have a
place to brace my hands as needed.

I also was fortunate enough to find that I didn’t shake quite as bad
when I was concentrating really hard.

Good luck!