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Directions for a prestolite torch?

Could any one help me with directions for a prestolite torch? I
inheiredtd one an would like to use it. I have been using an
oxegen/propane Little Torch, but in my cold shop, it isn’t big
enough to keep larger pieces warm enough fot the solder to flo.
(Actually, the flux won’t even melt!) Also, If there is some one who
is familiar with gem ID and using a chealsea filter, I’d like tokow
which white and yellow stones would appear blue through the filter.


contact your local welding supplier… you should be able to get this
on line.i’m positive that thar is a herd of folk out in
ganoksinland who could fill you in on the system i’ve been using
this type of torch for over 30 years…no complaints…


Here’s presto-lite’s website - you might find directions there


I missed the original of this message but this is what I have used
also for a long long time. It makes a softer flame than a torch that
adds oxygen to the mix and so is great for annealing sheet if you are
making hollowware. Silver soldering is called brazing by some but
either way, it needs things to fit well together. Don’t try to fill


Ivy Fasko:

Thanks for your Help! I was able to contact the people at the
producer’s website and they sent me a PDF with instructions. I have
no idea why the site didn’t come up when I did a search. That is how
I found the Orchid site, so that was a great thing. It helps that it
has warmed up! Three weeks ago it was down to -27 degrees. This week
it was 87. Only in Nebraska!