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Dinner Knife Handle Detachment

I have a number of wonderful Sterling dinner knives in different
patterns and the blades are terrible. I would like to detach the
blade and find a way to use the handle to attach a magnifying glass
or bottle opener or other item so that the handle can be used and
appreciated. Can anyone tell me how to take the blade off of the
handle? I KNOW it can be done. Thanks a million. Rodger Daye


The knife blades, usually stainless steel, are held in the handle
with a resin material. Heat the blade with your torch and
periodically and gently test the handle to see if the resin has
softened. Be patient…it may take a while.

Cheers from Don at The Charles Belle Studio in SOFL where simple
elegance IS fine jewelry! @coralnut2

Hi, A bit of heat is what you need if the handles have been attached
in the ‘traditional’ way. All cutlery handles hereabouts were fixed
on with a mixture of sealing wax, pitch and brick dust so heating it
until the wax melts should allow you to pull the handle off. I
believe some cheaper cutlery may have had its handles attached with a
plaster-like substance but this is not usual. If, however, this is
the case, a long soak in water should do the trick.

Best wishes,
Ian (from the home of the best cutlery)

Ian W. Wright
Sheffield UK