Digital to Slide Recommendation

Jeannie asked about a resource for digital to slide processing.

A&I Color Labs is the one of the top color processing labs in the
country. Here is the pertinent from their website:

Slides from Digital Files
A&I offers slides from digital files (135 format only).
The submission specs aee:

-Uncompressed RGB TIFF
-8 Bit
-No alpha channels
-Horizontal orientation
(Vertical files should be rotated to horizontal)
-300 dpi @ 9 inches wide x 6 inches high
-Please leave 1/8" border for mounting
(images WITH borders should be 9"x6")
-Note: Images that do not have a 9"x6" aspect
ratio will need to be canvased out or cropped.
When canvasing out, it is recommended to use black
as a background color.

Reach them at aandi dot com