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Digital cameras revisited

G’day; I don’t want to clutter up Orchid with something not
applicable to most people, so I ask that any replies to my question(s)
below be sent directly to my email address: @John_Burgess2 I am
aware that this topic has been raised before, but can’t find much
about it which is why I am bothering you folk again, and why I ask
for comments NOT to be sent to Orchid. I am considering buying a
digital camera for which I have the following requirements:- middle
range in cost. Reasonable zoom and macro capacity (down to about 12
inches distance) Jewellery etc… Definition as high as compatible
with overall mid range cost. Operates in fairly low light - pictures
of insects, fungi, etc in the depths of a heavily canopied rain forest
for instance. Ability to alter sensitivity for ambient light colour.
Screen type finder. Around 10 pictures hold before download necessary
(floppies?) but don’t want to fit cables for download to computer.
Required for use occasionally with a microscope (I already have a
Canon ftb microscope adapter). Ability to hold and download pictures
without compression as well as with it. Perhaps the make and catalogue
number of the camera you have could be included, telling me what you
do and don’t like about it! It seems to me that the Sony Mavica
MVCD73 may fill most of my needs, but I am very open to suggestions.
By the way, I DON’T need any ‘movie’ type application. I would be very
grateful for advice on this subject. Thanks and cheers, – John
Burgess; @John_Burgess2 of Mapua Nelson NZ

The world of digital cameras changes so quickly that the advice of 6
months ago is already outdated. The internet and also computer
magazines have continual reviews of new cameras - I suggest that
anyone looking should try that first. PC magazine just reviewed them
in its October issue.

Tom Kruskal

Even though this has been covered to some degree on this list, I sure
would like to hear what folks think. It is appropriate list info if
for no other reason than this technology is moving SOOOOOOO fast that
what was covered last week can be “old news” this week.

John Dach
MidLife Crisis Enterprises
Cynthia Thomas Designs
Cynthia’s sculptures are at:

One of the the best resources I’ve found in researching digital
cameras is the “comparometer” found at

The site enables you to compare all the brands and models of digital
camera, using the same images. Sample images given include a house,
people outdoors and indoors, a macro sample, and a test box with
colors etc. Also specs for all the cameras. Very, very helpful.

Janet Kofoed

john burgess said “G’day; I don’t want to clutter up Orchid with
something not applicable to most people, so I ask that any replies to
my question(s) below be sent directly to my email address…’”

i think his questions are good questions, and i would like to hear
the answers too.

i have been thinking about a digital camera for recording work and
for visual “note taking” of things i see in my environment that i
would like to use later. so far i haven’t done any research. plus,
lots of times i don’t anticipate a drawback of an anticipated purchase
until 5 minutes after i have bought it and am trying it for the first

thanks, jean adkins

Delia heck out the Nikon 990. PC world rated this as the best choice
in cameras. For your settings, purposes and imaging questions, contact
the leading company in imaging for the jewelry industry. Gem Vision -
(319) 884 8180.


Janet, thank you very much for this source of I’ve been
shopping around for a new camera and have only had a few demo’s. It’s
hard finding a store that carries all brands/models to demo. The
demo’s were great, but the software used to enhance some of the shots
was also costly. I’m looking for a camera that only requires a few
tweaks and off I go.

Terri Collier
Dallas, TX

I think the design applications for digital cameras are boundless,
particularly if one is interested in photoetching. I would be
interested in hearing responses to John’s questions also, so would
like to see them posted to the list. I am especially interested in
hearing about the camera adaptability to some kind of reflectant light
microscope (10X to 30X range).

Some good camera review sites are:

Rene Roberts

Howdy John, Though I don’t believe the camera my daughter has would
be suitable for your application, many of the same decisions you’re
facing I had to deal with when helping my mother give it to her as a
graduation gift. I spoke with 2 coworkers who have cameras and did a
LOT of web searching/reading.Here are some points to consider; 1. USB

  • much faster up/downloads 2. AA batteries - of course you’ll mostly
    be using rechargeables(get 2 full sets) BUT in a pinch you can use
    ’store bought’ alkalines 3. Compact Flash II - looks like a hard
    drive to your computer and you could upgrade to an IBM Microdrive
    (my daughter has the 170MB) in future. Second choice would be
    SmartMedia (Sony ‘sticks’,floppies,CD-R, internal mem are near the
    bottom of the list IMHO) 4. About 2 megapixel is the ‘crossover
    point’ for nice looking prints in the 4x5 - 5x7 range and 'normal’
    viewing distance. There’s still a long way to go to get to decent
    mid-to-high resolution photo-film quality but behind a plastic
    folder 2 megapixel looks great at 4x5 (no ‘enlargement/cropping’) 5.
    If you are right eye dominant the LCD should be well to the right of
    the optical viewfinder. This reduces ‘nose grease’ cleaning. 6.
    Built on lens cover. Or attached. 7. tripod socket near cg of camera
    (metal preferred) 8. remote shutter release (if not available self
    timer can perhaps be used - some cameras have a long one for self
    portraits and a short one to reduce vibration from touching) 9.
    Ability to take photos with LCD turned off. It is the primary energy
    drain. 10. at least 2x optical zoom (more the better - you’ll use it
    a lot) 11. Some cameras can record sounds - my daughter’s can record
    short AVI files. 12. A few names; Kodak,Olympus,Nikon,Casio,Epson -
    I’m sure others are good too. That’s all I can think of. Carl 1 Lucky