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Digital Cameras - Photography

Yeah, g’day; I thought I would drop in my 2=A2 on the subject. I
couldn’t afford the extra that the Nikon Coolpix costs, but my
greatest wish was to have good resolution - for which one has to
PAY!! So I bought a Canon S20 which has a resolution of 3.3 Mega
Pixels. It does have a short optical zoom and a digital zoom, but I
never use that; If I can’t get near enough, I shoot at the very
highest resolution using optical zoom only, then select the best
view from the resulting enormous picture. It does have a macro
facility which is very useful. I maintain that to take an
unacceptable picture with my Canon one has to work very hard at it.
The quality of the pictures depend upon the photographer and the
skill used in the editing and enhancement in the graphics program
(Paint Shop Pro 6). When using my Canon ftb 35mm SLR film camera I
expect about 5% rejects. With my Canon digital I get no more than
0.2% It does everything that I want it to.

Now, for storing and use of the pictures – Cheers for now,

John Burgess; @John_Burgess2 of Mapua Nelson NZ