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Digital Camera Sources

For all of you shopping for a digital camera I have found a site
which lists many many dealers so you don’t have to find individual
dealers. Go to,3611,2
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In the middle of the page where it says Search by: Click on the third
option which searches for price and brand. I found 46 separate
dealers who carry the Nikon 990, some as low as $698.00.
Happy shopping, Bill Navran

Bill, Just a note about your helpful post referencing the link to That is an excellent site for a lot more than cameras.
I did find my 990 through them. I also found that when you buy from
the dealers selling at low price, (e.g. Nikon 990 for $700) they
really try hard to sell you everything else that can possibly adapt to
it. Just be prepared for that hard sell and you’ll get the good
price without buying ‘extras’ or getting so angry you hang up on them.
I did end up getting glass filters for the price of plastic so it’s
not all bad.