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Digital Camera [Pinkish color]

Hi everybody,

I am thinking to buy a digital camera Coolpix 990; does anyone have
the experience with this camera and does this digital camera get rid
of the pinkish color on jewels ?

thanks to all of you for your precious advices …


Hi Richard, The 990 nikon is an excellent camera and will do any job
you would like to do very well( I have the 950) . As far as pink
color on gems, this is a matter of adjusting the program you are
exporting the photograph to. I use Corel 8 or Adobe 5 to import the
picture and then do all the photo manipulation in this program
including removing blemishes ,color problems and even some problems
that are not always apparent when doing the photograph. Recently, I
saw a small spec of polishing dirt on the side of a stone and easily
removed it and replaced it with the correct color using adobe 5 .This
was done by expanding the picture to 500% and using the “replace color
” feature with a slected color from the gemstone itself. I also use
this to clean up the background of the photo and in some cases to
remove the background so that I’m left with a pure white
background.It takes more time to learn the photo program than the
time neccessary to take the picture. Thats just the way it is. C’est
come ca !

Daniel Grandi We do casting & finishing in gold,silver,
Bronze,Brass and pewter for people in the trade

Hi Richard – There was a thread on Nikon cameras beginning the first
of Feb. I’ve been following it, as a camera is one of my next big
purchases. Look for the word “Photography” or “Nikon” in the subject


Hi, I just bought the Fuji finepix pro S100, and I noticed that a very
little under or over exposure can bring reddish or blueish color: I
think that 1 or 1/2 step too or too much can change the whitebalance.
If that’s not the case for the Nikon, also try with a software like
Photoshop, and check the colour balance with the “curves” or the
"levels". Feel free to get in touch:


Hi Richard,

I picked up on the nikon 950 about 6 months ago and completely love
it. The 990 is a better designed camera in my mind as well as being
higher resolution. I am not familar with the "pink in the stone"
that you mentioned. I don’t believe that it is from the camera.
could be in your lights, or reflected from some object near the
shoot. If it persists you can remove it in photoshop pretty easily
(one of the great things about working with the digital equipment).

Good luck.


   I am thinking to buy a digital camera Coolpix 990; does anyone
have the experience with this camera and does this digital camera
get rid of the pinkish color on jewels  ? 

I recently purchased this camera, and I am extremely pleased with it.
I had previously tried using a scanner and found the colors to be
strange and not very satisfactory, so then I just shot my regular
slides and had them dumped to CD at the photographic services shop,
which was easier in some ways, but still prone to color changes. (They
had no problems with landscapes and people and buildings, everyone
knows what colors look right for those, but gold? On who-knows-what
kind of background? Green, pink, blue, orange . . ? I supplied them
with a sample of it and that helped some.)

Now that I have the CP990, I just shoot all of my own website
pictures, no problem. It has a good macro setting and will let you
adjust everything to your liking.

I even made myself an adapter to use my closeup filters from my 35mm
camera, so I can get truly amazing detail and clarity on the smaller

Not all of the pictures on my website were done with the new camera,
since many are of pieces that were sold long ago and are no longer
available to me, but all of the ones that I’ve added since late
January of this year were made with it. Most of my set opals, and the
emerald earrings that I just finished, were shot in natural light out
in my front yard using the new camera.

Loren @Loren_S_Damewood1

I think the main cause of d the pinkish color at least some people get
using their scanners is in the light source in the scanner. It is very
bright and looks “white”, but very probably has a discontinuous
spectrum (especially if it is a black and white scanner), which means
that is it actually lacking some of the spectral wavelengths. So even
if you scan it into your computer and use photoshop or some such on
it, even if you can get rid of the pink, you usually introduce other
color problems in doing so.