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Digicam UV filter

John, you’ve helped me out many times over the years. Maybe I can
finally return a favor. If your cam can accept any kind of lenses, you
can get a UV filter, although it may require a conversion or adapter
lens. Basically this is just a ring which screws into the threads where
your digicam lens is located and then sizes it up to the conventional
millimeter lenses.

The best place I’ve found to go for answers is Camera World. Yes,
it’s in the U.S., but they’ve built their company on outstanding
service. The toll-free number won’t work for NZ, but you can email
them with your question at their website:
Include the make and model number of your camera in your inquiry, and
ask where you can find a dealer in NZ, or have it shipped from them.

They also have some of the best prices I’ve ever found. When I was
buying my digicam, they even told me if I could wait another week to
order it, the manufacturer was reducing the price by $200, and
including $200 free supplies (camera bag, AC converter, battery
charger, memory card), because they were closing out that particular
model. How many other companies do you know who would give you advance
info like that?

Hope it helps.

Katherine Palochak