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[Digest Post] [Tucson 2003] Supplier list

    Is there a way to get a list of suppliers, contacts, etc.,
from the Tucson show or must one attend? 

If you subscribe to Colored Stone magazine, you will receive the
Tucson Show Guide as part of your subscription. It may be too late
in the year to subscribe in time, but you can order a copy of the
show guide separately

But, hey, why not ask us Orchidians about sources for unusual
stones! You’ve got the greatest resource in the world right here.
Are you primarily interested in transparent, faceted gemstones or
unusual cabs including drusies, agates, etc.? Regardless, here are a
few great links to check out:

Happy browsing! BethFrom: “coralnut”

J.S. I have found lots of great sites on the i-net where one can
obtain unusual stones. Of course, the prices are reflected in the
stone and the cutting. Nonetheless, there are places out there.

What are you looking for? You say you like color…what…reds,
blues, greens, yellows? What do you consider unusual? I agree that
there are lots of mundane ovals and hearts, etc out there but there
are freeforms as well. I cut mostly freeforms and have lots of
’unusual’ pieces. Do you like large ones, small ones, odd shapes?

Let me know…maybe off-line I can send you some pics. Cheers from
Don at The Charles Belle Studio in SOFL where simple elegance IS fine

From: “Suzanne Wade”

The Tucson Show Guide includes both listings of all the suppliers at
the show, plus a directory that can help you locate a supplier for a
particular product, plus several hundred pages of advertisements,
which offer a chance to look at some pretty pictures from suppliers.
The TSG is distributed free at the shows, but it’s also the Jan/Feb
issue of Colored Stone magazines, so subscribers receive it as part
of their annual subscription. They also sell them by the copy after
the shows – the TSG 2002 is still available on the website – but
with shipping it costs about $20. (A year’s subscription is $29.95,
and you get the Fall Show Guide and Vegas Show Guide with it, so you
may want to consider going that route.) For more go to or

Suzanne Wade writer/editor
Phone: (508) 339-7366 Fax: (928) 563-8255

From: “Gerry”

All, I advertise on the web and also sell my cut stones at Tucson.
There is a reason that I will not sell stones that are not suitable
for regular wear jewelry on the web. The reason is durability and
warrantee. I have backed off selling most of the softer stones and
stones with cleavage because of past troubles I have encountered
selling these stones then having them not hold up. My list has on it
everything below a 7 in hardness, anything with fragile cleavage,
and anything that may fade in color during normal usage. In Tucson I
bring a few of these stones with me. When the stones are sold I have
the buyer sign a statement that says they have been warned of all
the factors that effect the wearability of this stone. They have no
return privileges unless they find that in some way I have
misrepresented the stone. If I have made a mistake I refund the
money in full. No further questions. That is the only way I have
found that I can sell tanzanite, fluorite, opals, topaz, kunzite,

I do sell these stones to a list of collectors that are very
knowledgeable. They buy for their collections, not for jewelry. As a
side note, Last night I repaired a beautiful blue green tourmaline
from Namibia. The jeweler broke the stone barely adjusting the
shape of the ring shank. The ring was to be delivered today. This is
an experienced “Master Jeweler” with 30+ years experience and my
friend. She said that she had never seen a tourmaline this brittle
before. We talked about the problems I have encountered with these
stones. We both agree that they are very beautiful, but also very
fragile and wonder about the stones durability in jewelry. We both
practice full disclosure and are seriously thinking about putting
warnings out about the fragility of tourmaline because of treatments.

Gerry Galarneau

From: Teresa Masters

Colored Stone Magazine prints the Show Guide. It is available via
subscription, and is free at Tucson.

That would be the best resource for you. I may have one from last
year I can send on to you for postage. Let me know. Teresa