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[Digest Post] My weirdest project so far

 On of my most interesting requests (I'm not gonna call it
weird...this IS California, after all) was a "slave chain"
permanently soldered around the waist of a female customer. I am
curious as to how many other Orchidians have performed a similar
operation?  It is a minor fetish, I guess, and probably not TOO
uncommon. David Barzilay, Lord of the Rings 

A large portion of our business comes from similar requests. I’ve
done bracelets, anklets and chokers: a with various fetish
attachments. Weirdest request was a penis encasement ball (never did
it though!) I love the idea of someone be permanently attached to my
jewelry. Customers over the years keep in touch with stories of the
life and times in their jewelry. The idea that someone will wear
something until the metal has worn thin like an old pair of favorite
sneakers is such an honor. However I have never soldered a piece on,
for the most part we hammer them in place with rivets. Customers that
can’t see me in person usually opt for something that screws on.

Hannes Garrett HAMMERHAND Phoenix, AZ

I recieved about a dozen lightweight blobs that had been
"jessoed"(sp?) and goldleafed one time. The woman wanted them
drilled and wired into a necklace. Seems that they were the remains
of her mom after cremation.

About Peter Rowes tank. In 1975, I made a model of a mobile command
post at 400:1. It was to be used in an optics lab that the military
uses. My boss at the time built an M60 tank. We included opening
hatches and such. Sorry, but the track was locked up.