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[Digest Post] Jewelry photographer recommendations?


I vote for Amy O’Connell. Not sure she’s still doing it…but I’ll
let her speak up if she still with us. Super job, very efficient and
well priced…NICE pictures. member of Orchid although she must be
busy lately Amy are you out there?


Hi Guys, Some of the folks I’ve worked with, and who do beautiful
photos, include: Robert Diamante and Hap Sakwa (mentioned earlier),
Craig Carraher & Tinnee Lee in San Francisco
(, 415-776-5659), Ralph Gabriner, and Tino
Hammid (particularly for pieces with colored stones) (
323-461-7584). Robert Weldon, with Professional Jeweler magazine,
also does great work, although I’m not sure how much commercial work
he does. (He’s also a talented editor and writer: a veritable
journalistic Renaissance man.)

For loose stones or mineral specimens in particular, Jeff Scovil in
Phoenix ( 602-254-0735) does a beautiful job.

I know I’ve forgotten some: I’ve been fortunate enough to work with
LOTS of talented jewelry photographers over the years.

Another way to find good jewelry photographers is to look at jewelry
magazines. There is normally a photo credit somewhere around photos
used with editorial content. If it’s not in the caption, it’s
probably along the side of the photo in small type. (With AJM, look
carefully at the inside edge (the “gutter” for those of you familiar
with publishing parlance) – the photo credit often runs sideways up
the inside column of text, where you have to bend out the binding to
see it. I don’t like that placement, but they haven’t listened to me
about it. ) When you find someone whose work really appeals to
you, a quick e-mail to the editor will usually bring contact
for the asking.

You might also inquire of the American Craft Council or the Rosen
Group, who host major craft shows. I noticed during a Web search that
ACC Baltimore had three photographers on hand (including Ralph
Gabriner) to do on site photos in February 2002, so you may want to
inquire about such an option if you do one of their shows.

Hope that helps!

Suzanne Wade
Phone: (508) 339-7366
Fax: (928) 563-8255