[Digest Post] Artists statement

Hi Suzanne, I was INSPIRED by the way you wrote your statement on
statements. It is very good, clear and studied advice. I talk to
many jewelry artists about their work from a production point of
view. Sometimes our discussions wander about. As I get to know these
folks we talk about why they love what they do. I find the work
itself is a form of conversation expressing things that are said
better without words. I am fascinated by all the ways people market
their work. One of our customers moved to LA and is making jewelry
for the movies. Her latest work can be seen on Jennifer Garner in
"Daredevil". It is not easy to tell by the style or level of
proficiency in their work what will sell. It seems to have more to
do with the passion they have for what they do. I have done some work
that is very playful and primitive that sells quite well and work
that shows a high level of skill that can languish on the shelves. Of
course I’ve seen very keen work that sells well also. The connecting
element of all the work that sells well seems to be the involvement
and passion of the artist. I am going to keep your letter to show
people that need help defining their work and message. Thank you.
John, J. A. Henkel Co., Inc. Moldmaking Casting
Finishing, Producing Solution For Jewelry Artists