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[Digest Post] Anyone tried Lasik?


Hello everyone, My fiance had LASIK surgery a few years ago (he surfs
and was getting tired of not being able to see the waves, as he only
wore glasses and not contacts) with amazing and immediate results. He
went from being quite shortsighted (he thinks maybe ‘2800’ but can’t
remember anymore & I have no idea what those numbers mean anyway!) to
having 20/20 vision the very next day after the surgery, and 20/15 a
few months later. Just astounding; he couldn’t be happier with the
results. Had both eyes done at once. (He had no problems with night
vision or difficulty readjusting his focus as a result, but
apparently this can happen.)

One important note: do NOT shop around for the cheapest price. Your
eyes are precious! Be sure to go to someplace reputable and
experienced; we’re in San Francisco so my guy went to Stanford. His
doctor even put up a streaming video of the procedure online…not
for the faint of heart!

All the best, Jessica, whose camellias are blooming in San Francisco.