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[Digest] Bionic Person

Our store just got done moving (after being in the same location
for ages) and MAN do I ever have alot of low grade floor sweeps.
Can anybody (who is not a refiner ;>) recommend a good company
for processing.  I realize that most people probably would not
be comfortable answering this question but...I'm not shy.
PS Our move is why I haven't been active on Orchid for awhile,
we're all settled in and comfy now.

I seem to recall this story- didn’t he also make the medals for
the marathon?

Richard D. Hamilton

Fabricated 14k, 18k, and platinum Jewelry
wax carving, modelmaking, jewelry photography

John: It is so good to have you back. I see they didn’t do
alot for your humor but that’s good. Stay well.

Glad you are all right// My knee is coming along so so and
sometimes even better thern I had hoped for… But no pain… I do
take but can’t think of the name now but do believe it is
helping… I too took the darn pain killers even tho my husband
said to wait… Hey it was my KNEE and it hurt… will get the
name of those pills as they are supposed to help build the inner
cushioning for the knee (which he said I didn’t have any left
of)… They were giving these pills to anilmals and it worked for
them so now it is the big thing to use them on humans… But I do
believe it helped stabilize my knee. We shall see…calgang This
is not given by the DRs… Also my foot Dr. recommended them…

Welcome back! Great to see a posting from you again.

Elaine (MoonStones)

Ricky, you’re off topic! I think that’s “keep a man down good”,
not “keep a good man down”. I also think the Marathon win is the
result of the Eveready Batteries in the knees, they just keep
going and going and going. . . . . John, I didn’t know you were
seventy-eight! (Thought you were older!) Glad to have you back!
Best Wishes for a speedy recovery!

Nice to have your magnetic personality back, and with the cobalt
your knee is magnetic too. Mark P.

Welcome back John, someone was just asking how your surgery went
(I hope they see this note from you!!!) Are you using the
computer while in a reclined position??? I’m assuming that
you’re exersizing for 4 hours (rebuilding the strength in your
leg muscles?) OR are you on your feet (walking about) for 4
hours??? I’m curious, I think (and have been trying to
convince) my sister-in-law to have this done. She’s been
putting it off for years!!! (I don’t think that’s such a good

GLAD to see you back and am anxious to hear all your
pontifications! ; )