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[Digest] [Admin] Condolences to the American Public

Dear Orchid

Many, many of you expressed the feelings of terror, love fear and
anger. I have choosen a few, just few of the emails posted to orchid
to be included in this declaration of love and care for the American

Peter Rowe in expressed our feeling so well that I
can not find better words. Peace, Hanuman

Peter Rowe:

  do something in the world that will add just a little bit of
beauty and peace back to the world. Hug your kid when you might
otherwise have not done so... Give that guy on the corner hustling
loose change, a bit of your loose change instead of the cold
shoulder... Call your mother... Plant a tree... Give to your choice
of charity... Or blood if you can and it's needed in your area. Say
a prayer for the dead if your faith suggests it.  Something.
Anything. Your choice, to show the universe, the world, and
yourself, that hate cannot win.  Peace, my friends. Peace.  Peter 


To the American Families and Public I wish to offer my sincere
condolences. Most people in Australia and the rest of the world for
that matter is still in shock over that most barbaric and cowardly
act perpetrated in NEW YORK and on the PENTAGON.

Signing off with tears of sadness and disbelief.

Michael W Kohlleppel
Art Tech Castings Australia.

United Kingdom

From: “Tony” <

London is devastated by the American tragedy. We went out into the
streets yesterday, talked together, comforted those who had relatives
and friends caught up in the situation, tried to phone the people we
knew in the States. It was as if it had happened here, to us.

The elderly remembered the London Blitz and how it had been here when
thousands died in a night. We felt proud of the New Yorkers when they
behaved with such dignity and calm in the face of such terror. One
elderly lady was heard to say that they were just like the British, it
was the highest praise she felt she could give.

I don’t know how many of the correspondents on Ganoksin have lost
people they know and love and there really is nothing that I can do
except say that our thoughts and hearts are with you.

We all feel a cold anger and a desperate need to let you know that
American people will not have to stand alone.

Tony Konrath 
Gold and Stone

United Kingdom

From: “Ritual Design” <

Dear Orchid Members from the United States

Further to yesterdays terrorist attack,

I hope you are safe and well? Please except my deepest sympathy and
condolences for the people of New York, Washington and the whole of
the United States. Everyone decent Human Being in the United Kingdom
is shocked and stunned at what happened yesterday, and will stand with
you through this terrible time.

Please email if there is anything I can do?

Deepest sympathy

Brian S. Saynor BA (Hons)
3D Life-Style Metalwork & Jewellery
United Kingdom

United Kingdom

From: “d.payne8” <

To all US Orchadians. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. The
darkness will not prevail, your light is unconquerable. God bless you
all. Dave.