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Different argentium alloys

Hello all,

I can’t seem to find this info, I’m hoping someone knows some good
sources. I see several Argentium alloys now- 935 & 935 Pro, and also
a 960. I’m wondering if anyone has done a chart or writeup on which
one is best for what application? In particular, which one is better
for casting, why, and maybe even some tips on casting with it.



I have done testing on casting of 935 Pro, 935 Original and 935 from
scrap sheet and wire. I have also done testing of a couple of other
alloys from Stuller- Sterlium and Continuum. I find that the 935 Pro
for casting is amazing. It can be granulated on. The Sterlium is
really beautiful, but can NOT be fused. For photos of results, go

The 935 Pro is not available in sheet or wire, only casting grain.
We are now teaching our casting class here at Jewelry Studies Intl
with 935 Pro. But we also cast with our scrap from the semester with
great results! Next, I am working with enameling on each of these
alloys. The 960 might be better for the enameling, but have yet to
test it. I have had successful results from my first attempts with
enameling with 935 Pro. I am off to Europe in a couple of days, so
won’t be able to continue testing until I return in September.