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Dichroic Glass Cabs

A couple weeks back a remember seeing that someone was looking
for dichroic glass cabs. I don’t remember who was looking, but I
did find someone in California who does them. Paula Radke has a
website at “” which shows some of what
she has available, and, although it does not list cabochons, I’ve
spoken with her and she said that she does have cabs available
also in various sizes and shapes. If you are interested, you can
e-mail her at

Hope this helps. I know that I’ve been looking for dichroic
glass cabs myself for a while with little success until now.

Mark Milanich

You will find tons and tons of dichroic glass cabs from Nancy
Goodenaugh. This is a major part of her business. Phone # is
(415) 759-5105 . She has a P.O. Box in San Francisco also, but I
don’t have that handy. She sells at major bead shows such as the
Best Bead Show in Tucson, and Embellishment. (among many others).
If you contact her, please tell her I referred you to her.


Hi! This is Vera and I am the one who posted a questions on
sourcing dichroic glass. First the motherboard on my computer
died, then we had the problem with Orchid. (By the way thank you
for having it back on line so fast. I felt very lonely without
it). I had sent a Thank You to all the wonderful people that sent
me suggestions. Unfortunately with all this technical mess I had
with my PC all of the addresses and names were lost. Would you
all mind letting me know how to reach you again? You may actually
e-mail me directly at @Acquamarin. I really appreciate it.
Thank you Mark for your suggestion. I will check Paula’s

Vera Battemarco