Dichoric Glass-Marketing


Indeed, I agree with your assessment completely. In the past 6 mos
two students who make di glass and have come in to learn how to make
bezels for their glass. Each has turned out some pretty nice work
and are very pleased with the results. Hopefully we will see more of
that kind of craftmanship on the market in the future.

In addition, more and more wirewrappers have been turning to di
glass. One wrapper, Katrina Meyer of Venice, FL has been doing some
outstanding work. If anyone is interested she can be contacted at
katriname@earthlink.net. (No specific affiliation…just helping a
talented artist).

Cheers from Don at The Charles Belle Studio in SOFL where we have
had over 15 inches of rain in 5 days and where simple elegance IS
fine jewelry! @coralnut1

Well hi Carla,

Yes indeed, I am that person setting my dichroic as if it were a
fine gem. To me it is gem like. No glue backs for me, only
fabricated or cast.

Your comment about glass being chicklet like has been one of my
favorite lines. I love that and it’s stuck with me. Our glass can
be and deserves to be so much more than glued on. Remember, it’s all
about creativity. Our stone carvers have also influenced me to begin
carving my glass, making it truly three dimensional. Carved dichro
is gorgeous and no two pieces are alike. I’m beginning my first
inlay project as well. Figure if stones can be inlayed, glass can
be as well. Why not?

I trust that rotten hubby Dave is doing well.

All the best