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Dianne Grant - Jewelry Gallery

I began my adult life as an artist but shortly after graduating from art school I learned that it was very difficult to make a decent living as an artist. So began a life long personal relationship with school. I’ve done a lot of different things from property mapper, school librarian, municipal consultant, and now I’m retired from the salaried workforce and I’m finally able to be the artist I started out to be. Upon retirement I returned to the classroom to hone my skills and to learn new techniques. I consider myself a student as this is a life long learning process for me.

I work in glass and in silver. Lately more silver than glass because I don’t have the space for glass. I like working with silver and I’m particularly interested in making reproductions of jewellery from centuries ago. I’ve reproduced many pieces from the early Irish period, viking era and I’m currently working on a Regency period brooch.

Silver earrings
These sterling silver earrings are hammered silver circles surrounding a freshwater pearl accented with a Swaro

Sterling silver tear drops
Hand made earwires of argentium silver with sterling silver hammered drops