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Dianas' ring? which one?

I’m a little confused. If this is her sapphire and diamond
engagement ring, it is a traditional wire mounting design. Simply a
large sapphire with maybe 14 diamonds surrounding it. Can such a
thing really be copyrighted? There is nothing about this ring that
is innovative or new

That’s a different ring, the one from Charlie. The one he is
referring to was made just before her death in Paris. It had an
emerald cut diamond in the center with four triangular diamonds
flush up against each of the four flat edges of the emerald cut.
They were set with a very fine bezel around the grouping of five
stones but no metal between the emerald cut and the surrounding
stones. Outside of that were pave melee I believe, I can’t remember
the overall shape. I remember thinking it was very expertly done.

Mark P.