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Diamonds Market - Current Trends

We are now in mid year by all means. markets are relatively quiet as
people are over the Passover season and gearing up for the new
selling season in September. the JCK Vegas fair is coming up at the
end of this week and expectations are high with large number of
visitors expected. initial figures point to a sharp increase in
potential visitors to this very important fair.

The improvement in the small size market (1/10 and below) continues
with Asia dominating the market in using the low colors and the high
clarity goods. a move which have created a shortage in these goods
and a recent visit i made to Antwerp has proven that prices are
picking up in this segment.

The “stars” (-6.5 in sieve) are definitely the stars of the season.
recently the demand for such goods have been up nicely while prices
have relatively remained in place. holders of such goods finally had
a sigh of relief as they were able to move these goods.

Shortage in the better I, J, K clean goods continues with prices
increasing for this segment. Rapaport price list finally recognized
it and had its list adjusted recently.

Local problems in Thailand are having some effect on the market
hopefully things will clear up soon.

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