Diamonds in boston

Hi, everybody. My name is Carla, and I am just a beginner at jewelry
making: I have been doing it only for a few months now, working
mostly in 18 kt gold and Murano glass. Here’s my problem: a customer
loved one of my drawings, a simple gold circle with a complicated
weaving of gold wire all around and a nice bead on the top; only, he
wants a diamond instead of the bead… and not any diamond: he wants
a D E F as color, VVS as clarity, round cut, one carat.
Unfortunately, I have no idea where to buy such a diamond in the
Boston (MA) area, or in any other place, for that matter; and I only
have a very limited experience with stone setting, let alone diamond
setting… can anybody help me? I really would like to keep this
customer happy, he has already bought several pieces without nagging
too much for discounts… I’d appreciate any input, thanks in advance

Carla, I have access to laser drilled diamond briolettes-pearshaped
with a hole thru the top thin section, if thats any use to you. I
will need to talk to someone for carat/clarity/color availability.
These are direct from the cutter in Isreal, so usually very good

Ed in Kokomo

Try Boston Gems and Findings in the Jewelers Building in Boston.
There is a whole bunch of them in there.

They are very nice people. Tell them Metalwerx sent you. Barbara
knows us.

Please share with us your experience with Boston Gems and Findings -
delivery speed, order accuracy, customer service and overall

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