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Diamonds, cup burrs and more

The milky diamonds in the resized ring sound like they got burned. I
understood that 1700 is too hot for working with any stones and one
should use only 18k white solder (EZ) for any item with stones. To
burnish the ear posts I would think that a cup burr would be a good
start. They come in many sizes and are available from any supplier
who sells burrs.

I think the idea that there is a schism between art school students
and apprentices is ridiculous. I think that the focus of these two
groups is very different. I was surprised to learn in college that
technique was taught so rapidly. I was surprised to find my
apprenticeship was so limited in the scope of metal techniques
available “out there”. The two educations are so necessary to anyone
who wants to be a metal artist. I feel there is a place for trade
school education, academia and apprenticeships and if metal arts is
the area you find yourself interested in you need all three. I
couldn’t stand the thought that my education is over in any one of
those arenas. There are always classes I would love to have the
time/money to take at any university, community college, trade
school, Parks and Rec. There are so many crafts people I would love
to watch and learn from. Come to think of it that is what Orchid is
all about. Some day I will show up at your doorstep to learn from
you. I won’t lurk , I’ll ask questions. Sam Patania, Tucson