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Diamonds by JCK 2004

Hi all,

I work with designers from around the country as a consultant and
I’m recommending all my clients check out a new trade show. For
designers, particularly studio jewelers, who use diamonds it can
often be hard to find a good source or even to know if your source
is providing good product/pricing/terms, etc.

Now those that live near or can travel to NYC can
source/compare/learn from over 150 different dealers at the new,
upcoming Diamonds by JCK trade show. This show is the only one of
it’s kind and gives you the chance to see loose stones from large
and small vendors from around the globe. There are also 4 free
seminars on buying and evaluating diamonds, treated diamonds and
colored diamonds.

The show will be on Sept. 12 and 13 in NYC at Pier 94 (West Side
Highway and 55th St.). You can read more and register on their

It’s a great opportunity for designers - particularly those not yet
deeply connected to a source.

See you there!
Cindy Edelstein

Will there be a source for diamond beads?

You can get diamond beads from Robert Bentley, 30 W. 47th St, Suite
703, New York, NY 10036 212 869- 1440. He also stocks gemstone beads
in many materials and sizes.

Douglas Zaruba
35 N. Market St.
Frederick, MD 21701
301 695-1107


Will there be a source for diamond beads?

One source of faceted black diamond beads & briolettes I’m familiar
with is,

A-One Gems
10 West 46th St
Suite 1305
NYC 10036

They may have other colors as well, I didn’t ask.
Usual disclaimers.


Will there be a source for diamond beads? 

Yes, there will be dealers selling EVERY kind of diamond - every
cut, every color…

See you there.
Cindy Edelstein