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Diamonds anyone?

I was wondering if any of you orchidians had a really good source for
diamonds, white and champagne…Someone who has good quality diamonds
and are easy to do business with…anyone?

Thanks you all, your thee best…Virginia from OhiO

Type in Canadian Diamonds and you will have several suppliers.

Virginia, I have had good experiences with buying from . They represent dealers from all over the
world, have a large searchable data base online where you can view
certificates for individual stones, very competitive prices, and are
easy to deal with. The usual, no connection other than a satisfied
customer. Joel

Joel Schwalb

Virginia, I’m passing this on, because these people are really great
to do business with, AND they have beautiful Russian-cut melee.
Joseph A. Diamonds, 55 W.47th St. NY, NY., 10036 ( 800) 832-1922 /
(212) 730-4181. Ask for Benjamin. VS1/E-F stones, 1.0 to 1.7 mm:
$475/pct. They are a small company, and their service is amazing. If
I would call and say that I need only 10 1.0mm stones, and they all
have to be EXACTLY 1.00 mm, he would match them all with a
micrometer and send them out overnight. You can tell them I referred

For fancy colored diamond melee, I like MANAK, 101 Utah St., Suite

207, San Francisco, CA 94107 (415) 255-4768. They deal in natural
stones, have really intense yellow, coffee, reddish brown, hot pinks,
black, and champagne. They also carry antique cuts, rose cuts,
beads, briolettes, AND emerald, ruby, sapphire stones in most of the
same cuts. Very good prices.

I'm sure that everyone will have their favorite suppliers. There

are a lot of very fine small companies out there that would love to
do business with you.

Doug Zaruba

I have bought diamonds from many places. My favorite source tho is
STULLER SETTINGS! I have repeated found that when they say their
diamond is a VS in grade it is definately at least a VS in grade and
frequently more like a VVS. At other sources that is not always the
case. Case in point - I have a ring sitting on my workbench. I
ordered it as finished goods, colored stones with small VS diamonds
to help fill out the show case since I can not do 100% of
everything. The diamonds are SI2 at best, and one has a huge cavity
on the table. Nor were they willing to take it back. That was the
last time I ordered from that company! I know many people will toss
at me that the diamonds are more expensive at Stuller’s. But their
quality stands up order after order.

Judy Shaw, Grad. Jeweler-Gemologist
Jasco Minerals

At what cost, monetary as well as to the industry in general.
Eventually it is hurting us all. No matter how you look at it. It
took away bread and butter from so many artists, casters, casting
companies, small jewelers and others who were integral and important
parts of our industry. Prior to Stullers there were fine jewelers
who were supplied with the diamonds that they asked for and at
better price.

thanks for listening