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Diamond Setting with a "Pave' pattern", prior to casting

In mostly every opportunity, it is preferred to have a 'plan of attack"! In this case, even laying out a series of stones on a wax template this is quite acceptable!

I (literally) found a very simple wax plate and located the center of that plate by drawing two lines and finding the exact center. So far, this was the easy part. Next came deciding what stone sizes to use and where each of them should be placed and finally set!

I was not too concerned as to how the wax plate now looked . For the placing of the 97 stones , I decided as a ‘temporary measure’ to melt three plates of wax together, why is this? My warm fingers would be distorting the large wax plate and then ruin the overall shape!

The Difficulty Scale is about 5/10


I had a selection of large stones already at my disposal and preferred to use the drawing of the two lines as a guide for the stone layout. This was so very important for the whole Pave’effect.


Here is the finished 'layout of stones’ . I even printed out a large 8" x 11" page to have as a guide at my bench and be at ‘arms reach’, while the drilling for each of the 97 stones!!!

Can you see just where the biggest stones are being used? I’m trying to fill up as much space as I can on the plate. The human eye gravitates towards the center of the plate and slowly looks outward!


Those two lines were so darned important in the initial layout. Without them, I’d be totally lost and would be ruining the whole Pave’ effect. I might even find more space for smaller stones.

I just detest ‘open spaces’, as I want the stones to be literally all ‘Girdle-to-Girdle’. Ninety-seven (97) stones will be the minimum amount to be used!


At this point, I decided to visualize how and where the sprues will be placed for the even flow of metal in the casting investment . I prefer to have thicker sprues, as I have only one opportunity in having this wax-form to be effective.


This is the side-view showing the sprues and having the metal flow easily around the plate. Remembering all of the unused sprues will be removed after the casting. This might look like a disgusting sight, but once cast, everything will look much nicer as many of the sprues will be removed. I’m very cautious with the flow of metal in the centrifugal casting apparatus!


I initially intended to start to drill some of the setting holes, but I backed off. I found that the plate was slowly getting bent out of shape. I’ll be drilling, with my twist-drill…ONLY IN THE METAL!


Here are my little packets of CZ’s all in separate bags. I will be using them continually while drilling in the metal, but not in the wax!


I initially saw this bracelet, but after looking at it, I saw no composition in how the stones were being set. It appeared to me just a mediocre design of setting stones.

I thought at that moment, that I can do much better by thinking on a better display of stones . Initial appearance is so much more important. I call this the “WOW-effect”! This store-bracelet hadn’t that effect on me, do you agree with me?


In closing; as a Diamond Setter I’ve seen some fantastic and gorgeous looking “Pieces of Art”. This particular item totally failed in that for me! (I have other choice words, but not for this essay!)