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Diamond Setting Tools!

Hi all, on Orchid; Just finished a private workshop with an Orchid
member by the name of Lorraine Johnson. She completed a whirlwind
"tour" of what stone setting really is. One of her very first
questions prior to arriving at my office was…“what tools should I
bring???”. I sent her my very detailed listing of what a well
rounded setter should be using. This listing is also given to my
school students at “Gorge Brown College” here in Toronto, Canada.
This listing may be somewhat intimidating, but nonetheless, it is
recquired by many and it will seem like a large expensive list. But
once you buy them, they are yours!!! To be a well rounded setter of
diamonds and genuine stones, there may be some overlapping of these
needed tools,…heck, if YOU folks would like these list of tools,
…again as before, send me your request and I’ll email these three
pages of required items over to you. @Gerald and the subject
line of "…Tools For Me,eh! " I am a proud Canadian,eh!..:>) If we
don’t share our knowledge and wanting to help others in this world
what is the purpose of Orchid…it is to share, help, educate, mentor
and pass on to you folks what ‘we’ have learned from others, during
our apprenticeship years. It is a true " Mitzvah " (good deed) to
teach. I do not charge for sharing things with you…!!! “Gerry, the
Cyber-Setter !” “” North America, toll
free:1-877-850-0003 Member of: MJSA, CJA, JDN Contributing writer
to the American “BENCH” trade magazine. ( 9 articles so far! ) Gem
Setting teacher for George Brown College “Casa Loma Campus”.