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Diamond Setting notes & photos

Dear everyone!

Over the past 10 years I have amassed myriads of gem-setting notes &

Even to this day, I am still collecting them as they are lying
dormant in my ‘archives’. They are not doing any good while sitting
there. I want everyone to read & see how my peers are setting the
many diamond & gemstones that cross their benches.

*I have put together an estimated 1.5 GB’s of great & useful

None of the setting techniques has been plagiarized from
other sources. I might have ‘found’ some charts to help you, but my
essays are my own.

I started this extensive library way back in 2005, when "Brad Simon"
requested I write for his “Bench” trade magazine. Many of these
articles still have advertising attached to these magazine
copied-essays. They are interesting, as the essays have great
diagrams describing each setting-technique.

As Hanuman is now also preparing to make a formal ‘release’ of my
setting DVD’s in September. These essays will be valuable as they
will be easy to view & now to read! * How much for this Cd…
plus shipping*, nothing expensive, but so worthwhile! …Gerry Lewy