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Diamond setting jobs

From what i see training for diamond setting of high standard is
quiet expensive. Probably $6000 + equipment is a good price for what
it is. So, guys, who can tell me what are the opportunities of a
diamond setter that just got trained? Namely availability of job
opportunities and an approximate starting salary.


The possibilities are indeed endless, but do you have any bench

This is the most critical answer many of your future clients will be
asking you in the months, and years to come.

Remember, we are now dealing with lots of competition from other
off-shore countries who will set stones for loads less.

I know of one fellow in our city of Toronto he bragged that he gets
his baguette setting done in South or only.15 cents a stone. Can we,
or should we compete with them?

Tzvi, in my answer to you, is to gather experience from any mfg’r
you can. Stay with them, learn more from them, accept any pay and
observe their techniques. This will be an uphill struggle, trust me!

But ‘we’ all had to climb that mountain, just to achieve what we are
doing now.