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Diamond Setting Essays!

Dear all!

I have just finished writing “30, Diamond Setting Essays”, they
are in a ‘.jpg format’* for easier mailing.* If you are interested,
I’ll email them to you!

Gerry Lewy

I’d be interested. One should never stop learning, even after
decades atthe bench there is always more to learn, or new techniques
to try.

Thanks for your kind offer.

Wow, Gerry. What a generous offer. I have gained more approaches to
setting after viewing the DVD’s you made. Of course, I would be
interested in your essays. Thanks, Judy in Kansas

Hi Jerry,

yes please, always interested in improving my skills. You are a huge
asset to the jewellery community

Tim Blades

Hello all,

I am studying diamond grading at GIA, but not campus, e-learning. I
am from Romania, and once in a while I get the chance to work with a
jeweler that shows me diamonds, and how he works in different metals.

I would really appreciate to study your diamond setting essays,
Gerry! I hope that one day I will be able to practice.

Thank you so much!