Diamond Question

If this explanation is long-winded please bear with me, I just took
my Graduate Gemologist final exam last Wednesday :slight_smile:

(and showing off a little too?)

Ummm, nope…showing off would have been revealing my score of 97%

But seriously, during my 20-year military career, I spent a 4-year
tour as an instructor of radar technology. Also, in the military,
once you’ve become proficient at your job, you become a trainer.
Additionally, during my 14-plus years as a tattoo artist, I had to
train many people…I was even hired to teach a tattoo artist’s
brother (nobody at his shop seemed to be able to get through to
him). What I learned as a teacher/instructor/trainer is that helping
people to understand a concept helps ME to understand it in a way I
never had before. Usually, simply paraphrasing the knowledge you
already possess often lends an even greater understanding of the
subject. I plan to explain diamond formation again to the next
person who asks (I hope my explanation helped you, Pat Kulla), as
well as any other subject I can dig out of this old brain. I’m also
planning to offer lectures to my local gem and mineral club (and any
who will have me) as often as they’ll allow. That way, I hope to
avoid becoming jaded or forgetful of what I’ve learned.

I’ve also seen more than a few posts here where the authors have
sworn off posting, while claiming an addiction to it. Many of these
folks are luminaries in the trade. It is clear to me that these are
people who not only like to display their own personal knowledge
(who doesn’t get a charge out of KNOWING something?), but, more
importantly, like to help others to UNDERSTAND. My hat goes off to
all who share their knowledge in this forum, and others. And for the
ones who read from this forum, another tip of the cap for, those who
seek knowledge are certain to succeed.

Knowledge…pass it on!!!