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Diamond prices to the public

to all - I am wondering how everyone else through out the continental
USA prices thier diamonds for sale to the public ? here in Columbus
Ohio most people use the rapapport sheet to buy and sell. Last months
end saw a rise in prices on the rap sheet which i expected as it
seems to have been awhile that the prices had been holding, and, now
it seems that the PERCENTAGE discount from the dollar amount on the
rapsheet that my suppliers are offering has changed. It seems that
when buying egl usa or GIA certified round brilliant cut diamonds
G-SI -1 and better goods they are not available at 35% - 40% off of
the rap sheet as they were even 3 months ago, it seems that all of a
sudden this past week saw G-SI - 1 and better goods instead available
at 10% - 20% off the rap sheet

My questions are not meant to be a complaint i am gratefull to have
goods available and relationships that are good for business. my
questions are more intended to increase my own and hopefully others
awareness to the current business climate, (i promise to NOT quote
websters if anyone would care to reply) - goo

GOO, my mainstay is setting large diamonds, i usually sell the stones
that I set. I find that EGL certs also use to be 30-40% back from
rap, GIA certed stones sold at about25-35% back. last week I went in
search of a 1ct radiant, high color and excellent make, i am fine
with an EGL cert beacause I know what I am dealing with. However the
price was not as good as it was a few months ago. The cutter
explained to me that the ‘sought after goods’ were selling at a
premium due to the fact that the economy is slow and so many stones
are headed overseas. There are still people in this country have
have the money to spend but the selection seems to be thin and that
has driven the price up. My markup has always been 15-25% above my
cost, i do check out blue nile…I know my customers do. i can
usually match or beat them on price. Sometimes I sell the stone very
close to cost and make it up on a custom setting and then charge
labor, either way i have to make my nut.

i also find ’ THE GUIDE’ to be a very good tool, and of course
talking price with my local setters.

hope this helps.
wayne werner