Diamond Dust

A friend wants to re-surface a diamond grinding wheel. He’s not a
jeweller but he sonmehow has one to reface. I first of all suggested
that this is a job for the ‘experts’ - that is those in the trade who

Crystalite Corp.
8400 Green Meadow Dr.
Westerville,Ohio 43081

Johnson Bro
1834 Oxnard St Unit G
Tarzana,Ca 91356

195 W.Olentangy St.
Powell,Ohio 43065

These are all mfg.of Diamond tools,they sell also graded Diamond
grits.They can can cost in modest amounts,100cts $.50-several dollars
a carat.You have given your friend the best advice,I don’t think this
is a job for private party in his home workshop.There is two types of
process to adhere the Diamonds,one is plating the other is fused.Both
of these you are going to need some pretty heavy duty industrial
equipment.And I just listed 3 good companies,go to Thomasregistar.com
there are thousands of companies making diamond tools.It is very
competitive like any other business.There is no way you can practicaly
do it cheaper and better than these folks who have laid out huge sums
to set up for it.And that does not take into account the quality
factor.If you don’t have an even distribution of the grits,your wheel
will be bumpy,you can ruin expensive workpiece gemstones.Allmost all
of these companies will straighten out dished saw blades for a
nominal charge,or replate or take as exchange the worn out wheel. Mark
Liccini http://www.LICCINI.com